Saturday, December 27, 2008

Switchin' On

I am also known as: Bijli Anna, Biju Boss, and Bulb Bhai. What's in a name? Call me whatever you feel like calling me. I am known by my kaam, not naam.

I am from this university town in Karnataka called 'Mania-pal' and I LOVE expressing myself out loud. I shall say what-I-want because I can

I have been chosen as the mascot for Article 19, a communication festival hosted by Manipal Institute of Communication.

I promise to turn you on (pun intended) with my electrifying talk. I will tell you about this crazy festival from now on. Just doin' my job, am the mascot after all. Bijlee shining ;) Get ready to be shocked!


  1. Wah, kya post hai! Wah Wah!

    Bulb Ji, Jai ho!

    ARTICLE 19 will rock this year!

  2. Biju Boss! Tussi great ho!

    Freedom of expression - now in a funny tangible form. Citizens of the world, get ready, get set, and come to MANIPAL!!!

  3. tell us more...bulb bhai!!!....
    try and post everyday so we're up to date on the happenings in Manipal..esp Article 19!!

  4. oye hoye!! bijli singh!!
    tussi gr8 ho ji... cool in Angreji..
    Article-19 roooocks... mast concept che..


  6. This is not even remotely funny!!

    A creative institute…known for its talent, is using the infamous n overly abused ‘BULB’ as its mascot for A19.
    How original (not!)

    And you’ll r supposed to be future writers, ad-men, visualizers etc.

  7. Oh, it still got you to *express* *something*. That too, you took the pain of making a google ID and creating a Blog on blogger just to comment! (we saw the date when u created the Blogger profile) Bravo! We like the spirit!

    Humor yourself with your comments, and try commenting with your real ID :P

    Till then, go on Bijlee Bhai. A19 will rock this year, like never before! :)

  8. Wow... people are already interested in Mr.Bijli.... that;s nice ramu... after all creatin a new id n al... al cool...

    thanks Whatever... do get ur frenz along too!!


  9. hey whatever.. 'bulb' kisko bola be? my name is mister bijlee.. do one thing, go read about 'power off for an hour' on to know why I 'm here.. :p

  10. hahahahaha i seem to be more interesting to you all than ur BULB.
    if only you guys used all this time and attention to think of more creative ideas.

    How does it matter if I created my ID today or 3 yrs ago?
    That shouldn't irk u.
    What should is the fact that I DO KNO BOUT POWER OFF FOR AN HOUR. so??
    Y would A19 need a mascot that's significant to another cause? It's just an easy way out…of using the same icon/logo/symbol everywhere.

    And have the guts to admit it.

  11. Ok, admitted. Cool?

    It does not irk me that u created the ID today just to comment here anonymously, makes me think how irked you are that u are doing it. :)

    Lets get on with more important and less irritating things in hand. :)

    Temme 'whatever', what do you do? Are you a student? Were you a student? Interested in sending some entries? Or do you work? Films, media? or is it, PR? We have place for all you people... We are getting better this year, you know. :)

  12. Mr. Whatever, I think it is you who needs to have the guts to appreciate a step in the right direction....It seems so cowardly to create a fake ID and comment with a motive to discourage.
    If you are soooo interested in helping us out, why are you afraid of disclosing your identity??? You have to hide your identity only when you are afraid of what you are doing or are not sure if what you are saying is right or not....
    Why does it bother you if one good cause leads to another good cause on its way???

  13. Ah Chill ShivSunny, we see jerks like him all the time. But they are our guest baba, we like them. See how freely they are erxpressing themselves! That is our idea, is it not? Mr Whatever, tum banaye rakho yaar, tum ham logon ko bahut pasand ho. And you are (or were) an MICian at that, killer! We are so proud of you!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. How do u know that this person is an MICian???

  16. No one else can talk like this! All casual reference to A19... Lol. And besides, only MICians care enough and our adventurous enough to take the time enough to do all this... :)

  17. :) point.
    so this whatever does care.
    mission accomplished.

  18. Ah, of course, we accomplished what we want when he commented the first time only. Publicity and Expression are two pillars we stand on, he succumbed to both. We work in ishtyle, MICian ishtyle. :P

  19. Please Mr.Whatever... care more, express more, publicize more.. remember.... Freedom!!! It's ur right!!! And Don worry Mr.Whatever, U will be updated wit al the details bout power off for an hour.... Keep visiting Mr.Bijli's electrifying blog... He shall keep u posted!!!!

  20. arreeee wah wah.. Ailaaa! Mr.whatever tussi bade cool ho ji! u are our first guest.. i love u ji :P
    but i love M.r bijli bhai more.. after all he is working towards a good cause... agar aapke dimaag mein aur koi acchha concept hai toh bata dena ji... we are open to suggestions... do send in ur entry to A-19 and participate for "power off for an hour" cz Whatever it is.. Freedom Is Your Right" :) thank you for expressing the same... we shall try and be more innovative.. :)

  21. You know what, I HAVE AN IDEA (As always, ;) )
    Lets have a commentator of the day/week awards in this blog.

    Guess who ll win this time? :P

    Whatever Bhai, bas aate hi limelight le liya aapne.... Thoda hamare bijlee bhaiya ke liye bhi chod do yaar...:P

  22. No I don't know if it's going to be better. That's what you claim. Let's see.
    I'm not irked… just sad to see brains (some of which you are trying to project here) not being used where they actually should be.
    I'm not looking for a tête-à-tête with you. If I was, you'd find the answers to all your questions in my profile.
    Thought criticism would be used constructively, not destructively.
    Anyway, all the best. If this blog is still here once the fest is over, you'll be hearing my kudos or otherwise.

    Relax all u other smarty pants.
    There's no need to follow the leader always.
    Whoever said anything about me being an MICian?
    Assuming things doesn't show too nicely on a bulb.

  23. @ whatevr: u know things dont always have to be different , in order to be creative. So what if it may be a repeated concept? A majority of the times,its the building of an idea that matters. We liked it, we thought it suited the fest, we kept it. simple.Oh and we also appreciate ur views.

    " Assuming things doesn't show too nicely on a bulb"

    See you have already started to have a liking for our mascot! good job

    Oh and as for your sadness, please do attend the fest! We'll definitly cheer u up! :)

    @ Bijli: I am glad you have finally realized ur inner self hehe if you know what I mean !

  24. @whatever

    now we will not be judgemental about you, anymore.. love is all we need.. let there be love, and peace..


    keep at it, express yourself! ;)

    @this is my world

    i am so sexy! :P

  25. Whatever Bhai too is assuming abt 'who' Bijlee is... Anyways, Kudos to the second years who are doing such a great job, speacially Ami and Roshan, the idea and content and illustrations. Good work. :) Look at the hits! :)

    Bijlee Bhai, aur likhiye! :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Of COurse Whatever Bhai...

    We are sure.... you will comment from start to end.... I mean you have started the ball rolling in any case!!!
    We are so happy that you are taking your precious time off to provide some invaluable ideas.. Constructive criticism is definitely what we are looking for... Ur ideas are fab... Leave Mr.Bijlee for now though... Everyone in MIC loves him... So.. sorry if we don consider your CRITICISM there...
    D idea is simple Whatever Bhai,Keep commenting, Keep CRITICISiNG, Spread the word across to all your other frenz also.. Probably... even they could constructively criticize our work...


  28. hey, just saw the blog..looks too electrifying to handle..:) great going bijlee bhai!

  29. Sorry, but quite blah. Could do much better. Hey, I apologised first didn't I?

  30. Hey... Arse-ish Wembley..
    we aint dat bad u c...
    Keep visiting Mr.Bijlee..
    FREEDOM.YOUR RIGHT, and that's what we stand for. Do visit more often!!!! i am sure you would... and all the best for Arsenal's clash against Roma.. they have a fair chance!!!


  31. Whats quite blah, arse? The content? or the design? let us know. :)

  32. The idea is quite blah. Hence the execution et al.Needs more spunk, brilliance and other words that mean the same thing.


  33. ...And Shaazy thanx for the shot out for the Arsenal. are you a Gooner, perhaps?

  34. Hey Arse.. gud to c ya bak once again.. thanks for the inputs...
    n have patience.. Mr Bijlee will be whackier, crazier and more spunky.. we assure u that!!

    And as far as EPL goes... There is no better sight in world football.. when the red devils hit the pitch.... Man UTD thru n thru.... i know it might be a lil surprisin for a red devil to wish a gunner luck... but i love football.. n the gunners aint dat bad u c... jsut that we a
    re better!!!! lol
    Keep visiting mr bijlee!!! He shall soon br givin u some interesting facts... keep waitin

  35. @whatever

    Your 'constructive' criticism is most welcome, but please make sure you include some feasible advice in your comments as well, that would really be of some help to us. :)

    We are still under development, and there are many 'brilliant' ideas on the pipeline, you just need to check back in a few days ;)