Thursday, January 1, 2009

Article-19, the guest list!

Happy Birthday!


Happy New Year, I mean.

Sorry, slightly hung-over.

After the terrorizing 2008, we must hope for peace in 2009. The last year was bad in terms of terror and troubles that kind. I sincerely urge all of you to pray for peace.

The best thing about the world in 2009 has got to be the good riddance of the rather infamous Dubyaman. Our fellow media-persons in Iraq bid adieu to George Bush rather aptly, literally shooed him away. I breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully, Obama will do some big-time reform.

Anyway, getting back to business, I have got news. Good news. Our resource-people team has been working hard over the last month. And, they have got us some very cool people at Article-19. These people being around at Article-19 is gonna be one amazing experience. Look who’s judging and talking at Article-19, this year. I have written a little bit about these people down under:

  • Sankalp Meshram – He gives films the right cuts. A film editor, director, and writer, he has many prestigious awards to his acclaim. The FTII-ian has also worked with MTV in the past. He is currently working on ‘Raat Gayi Tho Baat Gayi’ is directed by Saurabh Shukla starring the likes of Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey. Woo Hoo! His wise-words, I await!

  • Kiruba Shankar – He is the CEO of Business Blogging Ltd, and the Internet and New Media angle to our fest. He is also a voracious blogger and also the Founder Director of F5ive Technologies. I think his blog will explain the big man better, visit his blog at: The blogger in me waits to interact with this killer entrepreneur.

  • Anoop J – The talented young man works for a website called 1st, go see this link to see experience the brilliance and creativity for yourself. He is known for his good work in the fields of photography and designing. He will be judging the entries at Article 19 this year.

  • 3rd Thought Entertainment – These new-age entertainers have alternative ideas. They, integrate art forms to create magic and bring to the media their type of music, writing, film and art. They call themselves the 3rd Community. They are not afraid to express, the 3rd Community is not sold-out to mainstream masala entertainment. They are available at

Bhaari Hai Na?

Sab bade aadmi aa rahe hain, Article-19 is a big deal.

Aren’t you more excited about Article-19 already?

Keep reading my blog for more updates on the festival.

By the way, I love reading comments on the blog. I just have one thing to tell you guys, don’t take criticism personally. Criticism is healthy. It keeps me going! So my dear lovers, I plead; don’t do personal verbal attacks on the blog.


  1. Happy New year Bijlee Bhai....

    Gud to know these ppl are comin down... any more surprises bijli bhai?

  2. And I bet there are many many more to come..! :)

  3. This is a real big deal! I checked the 3rd thought website. It's Amazing!

  4. @shaazy

    nothing yet dude.. will enlighten when i get more news..

  5. ooooh..Mr. Bijlee...i heard last year there were some parties tht were organized as pre events....Are you throwing a few this year too??

  6. yes my dear generous thief.. I am guessing you are a manipal-ite like me.. the party is scene is gonna be big, dontcha worry honey.. get ready to party hard, thats it.. =)