Monday, January 26, 2009

Energy, Life, and Guilt


That's one thing MIC has been brimming with in the past few weeks. As I walk past the corridoors and peep into rooms, always contemplating how I should convince everyone in Manipal to power-off my brethren for one hour, I see groups of people talking, discussing, scheming and plotting. That's the thing about MIC - something is always up! If it's not Article 19, it's the group assignments, the presentations, the plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the trips to Goa and Gokarna, Student Council...

There is life in every corner, and there's so much emotion and energy!

It was on one such walk of mine, observing all these students, that I walked into this room with some young researchers and designers. They were the brains working on the campaign for 'Power Off for an Hour'. From what I heard, they've found these really killer facts about why we should conserve electricity. Frankly, I hate it when I'm switched off - but after listening to what these people... I'll just give you one small fact from what they told me:

"Bonded child labour is one of the biggest problems faced by India. The average amount of debt involved ranges from Rs 500-7500.

Saving 5 hrs of electricity wastage by lights and laptops for a year can free abt 18250 children for life."

Well, I'm feeling so, so, so guilty, I'm going to turn myself off for sometime now. No wonder Rahul Bose wants us to Power Off.


  1. wow, Mister Bijlee, that is something I really didnt know.. I just realized I didn't need the small little tube light in my room, so i turned it off.. its a start..

  2. ma lord.... i don switch off ma laptop ever....