Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ab Tak Bijlee.

Its called ‘taking a break’. Very different from the term break-up. Every relationship necessitates this idea. Keeps the bond building stronger. Me and A-19 have been going around for a while since the year before last and after passionate times together for many months, things got clogged. We both needed our space. Thus the break. And now we are back after a while with increased intimacy. Enough about us or I shall venture into my cheesy mode which might get boring for some.

You people noticed Paa? That man’s head is a rip-off of mine! These Bollywoodian Tribes just cannot get original anymore. AB is a wannabe Bijlee with all his crazy junglee moves and seductive smiles from a face half occupied by his geeky glasses. I don’t even look nerdy do i? I was always a “bright” student, my teachers used to say but not nerdy.
I don’t like Paa. Let me crack a lame joke about the film, something I heard on TV.
Paa’s Director is all set to make four Prequels(get it?) to his new film.
He plans to name them thus in this order Maa, Gaa, Re, Saa.

As you must have by now noticed I really have not much to speak.MICians are having their hols and they don’t even realize it coz what they thought were their hols was their semester. Lazed out bunch of kids I say!

A certain someone has been given their marching orders out from that college I hear. If true, then the Cold War has ended and the college remains at peace.

I have plans to travel the Gelf. You will notice that the new me has hair. But it is photo shopped. GulfGate is my hope for the empty space like an Arabian desert that is my scalp. They fix people’s baldness with real hair. I must try. And if by chance Paa’s prequel has the character with hair, I shall swear upon filing a case against that whole crew.

I have been travelling away from the student town now and I am in dire need of energy.
*Power-Off* …


  1. Best of luck with GulfGate. Heard they take a lot of money and fix u up 4 a while but very soon ul end up goin back!... Hope tat doesn't happen... Neway we all loved the old Mister Bijlee without hair anyway! so shuldn't be a prob i guess! :)

  2. BiBinhio, do i smell a hint of jealousy in there? i am glad with my new inbuilt hair job. i hope you like it too. se you soon.