Thursday, February 25, 2010

Article 19 kickstarts and Goal for Globe kicks ass!

It was the big day! Article 19 officially kickstarted today and crowds rolled in hundreds to watch the spectacle that was Goal for Globe -- the A19 signature event!

The official inauguration took place in the morning and there was the usual stuff. There were a few workshops. And then we all headed to End Point at 6 PM. 16 colleges. 32 players. 16 nationalities. One cause: cancer awareness.

Hundreds of MICian's, MIT'ans and KMC'ians had flocked in to watch Manipal's biggest sporting event this semester. The enthusiasm of sports day was still fresh in our blood. "Go Reds" and "Go Oncolos" were echoing across the End Point grounds.

Oncolo Busters, dressed in blue, opened to a good start with a goal in the first half. Immanuel from Chemo Chargers converted a pentalty into a goal in the second half. With the teams tied at the end of 90 minutes, the play went into extra time, when Busters burst out into another goal, giving them a lead.

Busters finally won. But it was well played on both the sides!

Tomorrow we gear up for another day of workshops and the much awaited Las Vegas party!

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