Monday, December 29, 2008

Moolah Matters!

If I were a girl, I 'd be an item girl. I would then dance to an item song.
Which song? Isn't it obvious?
'Babuji zara dheere chalo, Bijlee khadi, yahan Bijlee khadi!'
Why do I want to be an item girl?
Well, then I 'd be well-paid. Money is all we need in this recession-struck world.
If only there were very-many rich people who 'd give money to my festival, Article-19. Ugh, money's the shit. My friends and I are looking for sponsorship, knockin' on corporate doors. Eh. The standard excuse is recession. With the global markets taking a downward plunge and the trend being that of relative poverty, we can only pray for some rich man's generosity to shower us and make our festival rich and successful.
While we are at it, we know that money is not all that important. We can't do without it but we can do with little bit. My friends and I are cool, we aren't the party pooper kind... We will pull off Article 19 with the jazz despite having little money!
Little money is not a deterrent, it is just tad disappointing.
Anyway, our condition is not so bad yet that we have to ask for chanda, so it's still cool.
And if nothing works out, I shall do some cross-dressing and dance to:
'Babuji zara dheere chalo, Bijlee khadi, yahan Bijlee khadi!'
By the way, if you know somebody who can help us do some fund-raising, mail me at


  1. Thanks Ryan!!!! Spread the word... BIJLI BHAI IS HERE

  2. why is there label for "sex" for this post?
    are we using this for attracting sponsors now????

  3. Sex is one of the most searched things in the web. Tags helps the blog in getting listed in search engines, so more hits, more people reading the blog. SEO, Search Engine Optimization techniques..... :P

  4. Hot topics are related to us, cos we're a hot topic!

    You hit the nail on the head Bijlee Bhai! Moolah aint everything, so long as we have enough of it ;)

  5. @bibhash

    sex because 'babuji zara dheere chalo' is a sex-on song, don't you think yana looked so hot in that number? kya re.. rapchik maal ekdum.. :P

  6. wow bijlee...jus saw ur new layout...LOVE it!!!!

  7. the layout is indeed awesome..:)