Thursday, January 22, 2009

the blah post

Hello lovers!

I am sure you have guessed by now that Rahul Bose is coming! If you didn't guess already, then eat Mentos, dimag ki batti jalao! That way, you will save some electricity as well, batti like, get it?!

I am genuinely disgraced, sorry for the campy-cheesy jokes written above.. But that's my job! I am a bulb after all.. And these people are hell-bent upon doing power-off so how will I light up and come up with brilliant ideas now.. Making me mascot and then turning off the power! It's just not fair.. But you know, it's only fair to have fun at the Article 19 fun fair..! Another one..

Anyway, I wanted to say something.. Since I am so hungry now-a-days.. You know, no power and all that.. All I can think of is how Article 19 will be yummy.. I have been thinking and this is what I think are the reasons to make Article 19 yummy.. Here goes another cheesy list..

  • 10 helpings of Express Awards
  • 1 thinking cap full of Prahlad Kakkar
  • Food for thought with Rahul Bose at power-off-for-an-hour
  • Resource people spoon feed tricks of the trade at MMSC
  • Seasoning of reasoning with workshops and screenings
  • The fun fair flavour, you shall savour
Grab a bite now!
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