Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Man of the Moment

The batti bujhana that Article-19 wants to do is a very good thing! Turning the lights off is very turning on you know.. Darkness has some sex appeal now, doesn't it? Our very awesome 'resource people team' has done it again! Woo hoo! I am writing down a list of obvious clues.. The NAME is very big this time.. Guess who's coming?

  • A man, he happens to be. I mean, he is not woman!
  • He has not been linked with Rakhi Sawant or Ekta Kapoor, ever.
  • Rugby, the sport, he plays.
  • Bombay, is the place where he lives.
  • Koel Puri, he dated, once upon a time.
  • With Mallika Sherawat, pyar karke pachtaya..!
  • He did split, wide, open.. (Umm, it's a movie! Perverts!)
  • Everybody Says I'm Fine! He directed and showed off!
  • The Foundation is the NGO, he founded.
  • He is known for propagating profound opinions on issues of public interest!
  • Social causes, he works for.

Any guesses? Ladies, this one is for you! I 'm sure you love this guy!

By the way, registrations open for Article 19. Send in your entries now.

For further details, on to www.article-19.com


  1. he is so a MAN and not a woman...haha
    ah..what a delightful sight he is..:)..i guess we cant wait much for him to arrive...yeyyyyyy!!!

  2. mr bijlee....... is this the same guy who is used to doin really good films and all... i am jus curious??