Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rise and Shine

Raju took away the money to become raja, but then again, he didn't realize his deed had no satyam.. Students are not getting money to do a simple college festival and these corporate big-shots are stealing away gloriously!

But, you know what, we got lucky! Our sponsorship team is killer. 'Kusuma', through the Center for Internet and Society, have given us money and made money matters slightly better for us. After all, money matters!

Anyway, the Article-19 semester has begun! The holiday mood is still lingering but in a lazy-town like Manipal, that is always the case.

Yesterday, we had one big meeting. Everything was discussed. All the teams updated each-other on the happenings over the winter break. Since, this college is full of communication students, the talk was endless. Some PJs here and there and a lot of work-talk. MICians and ideas, inseparable! No wonder I am around, see how the bulb woks every time an idea comes up. Dimag ki batti jala de, but these MIC people want to bujha de, this time! Making the 'Power-Off' work was also a priority on the agenda.

So far , so good. I shall keep you very updated on the news here at Manipal. By the way, in the holiday time, I discovered this really cool game for us bulb-kind. It's called fuse-ball. I should probably get a fuse-ball table for the 'Fun Fair' at Article 19. How I love the way Article-19 has that scope for masti as well!

Lets be kickin' ass this semester!

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