Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freedom is Firangi!

We have the right to freedom of expression in this country, so we must all express our love for each other! Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of y'all.. The pink chaddi campaign sure managed to make some noise against the Amnesia incident..!

It is important that cultures should inter-mingle. If a culture is closed, it will saturate and burn out. But if it is open, a lovely amalgamation will happen. We must allow some Westernization in India. It will only be good. And, anyway, globalization has taken us places. So Valentine's Day is not a bad thing, you know..

On this note, I must tell you that: Article 19 has gone international! We have 12 entries from countries other than India.. Freedom is firangi now! Yay! Lets' rejoice as we will see different perspectives from across the globe meet at Article 19 this year.

Reminder: Registrations for Article 19 shall close at 10 am (Indian Standard Time) on 16th February. So hurry up! Register now! It is the eleventh hour, literally.


  1. you're SO right, Bijlee! Expression of love in whatever way is and should remain a very basic right. and woo hoo!! entries from abroad! way to go!!

  2. I eavesdropped on a conversation that said that there were close to a hundred entries in all! Now that is serious fun!