Monday, February 9, 2009

The Gimmick

This post is catered to Manipal crowd. Outside people can read it though, it's a free country after all!

On 9th February, at around o7:15 pm, I was at KC. All dressed up in a killer attire, I felt like a star. Four body-guards were around me and they were distributing pamphlets to all the onlookers. People were giving me strange looks. Why? Cause I have a bulb-head, not the most normal thing now, is it?

Then... I heard a conch shell blow in distance from three different spots, Campus Stores, Shivas and Sutta Point.. And the drum beat began to echo from the three directions.. It was Euphoric.. The next thing I saw was many people holding candles and they were progressing towards me..

I was the star, the center of attention.. A street play happened about my life.. Freedom of Expression came out through this theatrical piece.. Then? The banner of my friend Rahul Bose coming for A19 was unveiled.. What a finale!

A19 is so far so good.. It will only be better if you guys send in your entries.. Also sign up for Power-off, be part of this amazing cause..


  1. Bijlee u r ROCKSTAR 4 sure... hoping tat things will shape out well so i can meet u personally.......