Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A whiff of freedom

We at MIC are all set. Article 19 flags are being cut into shape and are being pasted all over the university-town. Sound scratches about Article 19 play are playing in every restaurant in Manipal. The Hawaiian Luau Fun Fair work is in full swing, happy Hawaii colours make the college look very nice indeed! Signature campaigns have reached a big fat number for Power Off. There is constant calling between delegates and us. Arrangements and the jazz for the resource people is underway. It's all work here in college.

Right now, posters of mine are being put all around Manipal. I am famous, dude! Everybody knows who Bijlee is. I am shocked at mine own appeal. whiff

After the amazing entries we got from 5 continents, we are very content. The nominations are out and the list is available on the Article-19 website.

The festival is here and we are ready.

Freedom. Your right.


  1. Yup... Freedom is you right! Article 19 rocks! :)

  2. On the Live Traffic it says that London Arrived on your blog! lol! Now London would like to know that the snap he sent for the photography event for tomorrow, how can I get updated with the result?!