Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flashback: Gay Rights and Rockstar Dreams

It was a really awesome year, except that I didn't become a rock star. That's one thing due this year. I'm sure I can make it happen.

Lots of other exciting things have happened, about which I have lots of things to say. One of the most exciting things to happen in the year just gone by was the overturn on the ban on homosexuality by the Delhi HC. I can't tell you how happy that made me.

Now, people, you don't have to start getting ideas about me. No, I'm not GAY. But I feel strongly about gay rights.

What's my point? It's plain and simple. And scientific. That homosexuality is all in the biology. There's not a gay gene as such, but scientists know for a fact that homosexuality is a product of a complex interplay among genes, hormones and the environment.

You don't decide to be gay. It's not a mental disease (Baba Ramdev, are you listening?). Oh and the Delhi HC didn't do it because the country is coming largely under the Western influence (as some radical religious leaders were heard saying in a press conference I happened to attend).

But will just one amendment in the constitution flip the destiny of homosexuals in the country over? Perhaps not. I still find my friends cracking silly gay/lesbian jokes that can only be considered as ridiculing of the community...

Things are not going to change unless people accept the fact it's not a choice, it's not a's something someone is born with. Just like you are born with blue eyes and dark skin, you are born with homosexuality. Though of course it's not as simple as that. Some people with genetic predisposition to the condition may never go on to develop it but the root of the matter is that it is vey much biological, very much out of one's own hand.

And people need to know that. Only then they are going to "overturn' their deep seated prejudices about homosexuality.

Enlighten yourself on the origins of homosexuality. Go read this detailed report in The Telegraph (and it's not highly technical)

And make it a point to enlighten others about it too. Life is just way too hard on homosexuals. They spend a large part of their life fretting about the fact they are stuck in the wrong body. This is enough to provoke their suicidal tendencies. And then the rejection by society just devastates them.

They are humans, just like you and me. Make life easier for them. Accept them.

Oh, and on the closing note: The clock is ticking quick for the great event of the year. Are you ready?

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