Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New (Year+Decade+A19+ME)

Imagine if dates were not created. We would up wake up to every New Year, every Century and Millennium considering them as just another day. Women will be glad with the idea that they would never have to tell their age ever again as they themselves wouldn’t realize how old they are and committed Men will not have to bother taking the toil of remembering the anniversaries or the date of their first date. negative side include, lack of public holidays which sounds dull and frustrating. We would also have to deal with setting up A19, according to the climatic changes and warmth of the sun, to continue with it as an annual event.
But we have dates and calendars and we know that we have entered into a new Decade and a New Year has beckoned upon us, and more importantly so is a new A19 EVENT looming large over Manipal.

The hangovers are never easy to tackle. The fame that I have acquired over the last year comes with a heavy price I learnt; Christmas and New Years and then the Eves that come prior to them, prologue-d by days set off by commercial Corps. that lure the human and Bijleean mind with highlighted shopping offers that are never close to being true. Anyways my point being, well… nothing really, basically all that I said forms my excuse for being so laid back in keeping in conversation with my readers, if I have any.
Well what do you expect, with my new irresistible and charming visual appeal I was the heartthrob at most happening parties, engagements and weddings just like how a friend of mine had predicted in a comment on my previous post. My in box on FB is flooded with event invites.

After such hectic and heavy partying, I went into a much deserved slumber, to come back refreshed and full of beans. What awaits me and my friends back in Manipal is nothing better; from the moment the MIC gates are pushed open for all its students, the high octane action and suspense filled mass exertion begins to bring about the biggest Fest seen in Town.

Fans of mine who have not yet been lucky enough to see me in person have gotten a glimpse of my new self with the bettered design and photo of mine on this Blog I believe.
I shall meet you all soon I hope at spectacular events that have been planned up for the coming weeks in the student hub. Be updated through my Blog.

Happy 2010!

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  1. Happy New Year Mister Bijlee. By the way.. When is A19 happening ?