Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 'Ad-Hatter'

We have got BIG news!
So, the last time around, I told you all about the Article-19 Guest List. I am sure, you were damn impressed by the mind-blowing profiles of our resource people. Our main idea behind calling these big people is to generate intellectual interaction in a not-so-modest manner. Nah! I am not boasting, just being honest. ;)
Coming back to the BIG news... I am sure the image here is obvious enough. But allow me to say it anyway: Prahlad Kakkar, the 'ad-hatter', is coming to Manipal! The man will hopefully, let us try on his very stylish thinking cap. His thinking cap seems to have churned up those cool ads for Pepsi, Kit Kat, Maggie, etc! Lovingly, he is often called the 'madman' of the Indian ad industry. He started work with veteran film-maker, Shyam Benegal in 1972, with an income of Rs 300/month. With that little money, he set up his own office table at a place called 'Khatmal Niwas'. I must tell you that 'Khatmal Niwas' lived up to its name, it was infested with a variety of insects. I am not kidding, really! He established his own production house, 'Genesis'. The rest, as they say, is history.
Besides being an ad-man, he is also a scuba-diver, restaurateur and cigar-brand owner. So for all those of you who are not interested in the great Indian media, can take scuba-diving tips from him. You can plunge into the sea.
See sea where? Manipal has a beautiful coastline. The beaches near Manipal are clean and picturesque. The only surf-club in our country is an hour's drive from Manipal, in a place called Mulki. And yes, there is scuba-diving, para-sailing, close-by as well. I shall pass on that adventure-tourism info to you a little later. Later when? When you come to express yourself here in Manipal. So you see, a tourist destination awaits you as well! Article-19 is amazing, aint it?
Anyway, I am very very excited! Prahlad Kakkar! Yay!
photo courtesy: The Hindu