Sunday, December 13, 2009

Incredible -Philanthropic- India!

Bijlee is fasting. Apparently I hear anyone who can go on without eating for more than ten days will be given free states in the country. Interesting I say. So what could I call my territory? Bijleeland where every one follows Bijleeism, or I can as well actualize a philanthropy-cal ideology and gift it to my loving MICians for their fest in Feb. Let them name it whatever they would like to name it. If you haven’t heard, as soon as the centre granted its acceptance for a new Telangana, the very next day as if it were some MTV Tickr news, people up west went into fasting to gain a state called Gorkhaland, a separate entity sliced off from the hills of Darjeeling. Im not being too political per say. But Bijlee is thinking on similar grounds if we could as well create Manipal as a separate state.

Anyways the whole point I fail to see in such enlarged fuss that people create for new divisions in this era. Haven’t they all watched 2012?
Or probably the trio comprising of the Italian descendant, the comical Saddu and the PC must have seen the show together and now they understand that nothing matters to them as by 2012 they would still be the ruling party so why not give everyone what they want atleast now.
December they say is the month. Even the students of my college have realized this and have quit planning for the 2012 A-19 fest.

Oh did you guys read, a new report suggests the Poverty Figure provided 2004 of India was 10% lesser than the actual. Ridiculous! Appalling I say of the Government to hide such … figures.
Hmm…*continues the fast*


  1. good shitt mr bijlee ! cant wait to see u again !

  2. fast fast lovlee bijlee... if u do, u will be asked to attend many more parties , even weddings.

  3. Lol.. I join the fast.. How goes the hunger mister?

  4. I dont think il live for much longer if i fast also!... So all i can give is moral support!... tat u have Mr. Bijlee sir!... :)

  5. Good 'shitt'huh? it it supposed to be a positive comment?

    Thank you Generous Thief, i surely am loving the limelight.

    Hestia and BiBinhio, as you may know by now, the vigour has completely died down and the interest of having a new state is stale. i shall surely let you knw if i need physical or moral support. Hestia, the look yu have is very much of someone who has left worldly pleasures, and yu will be perfect to support if when i start off with my cause.

  6. Maybe throwing stones at commercial establishments can accompany the fast and you will get Bijleeland a tad faster.